The Last Storey of J G Ballard

(Image : The Great Tower, Giorgio de Chirico, 1913)


Ian said...

what a way to go - the sheer brilliance of ballard departing with an image of him murdering his wife by pushing over the leaning tower whilst she is up at the top and the added detail of her eyeballing him as she rides the thing all the way down - only a genius could deliver such a palpable hit in such a short space - its up there with "hills like white elephants" for sheer concision.
We are not worthy...

really enjoying the supply party - never mind the history (which is fascinating), just reading about you mooching around south australia is worth the price of admission

can I recommend peter ackroyd's new "translation" of the canterbury tales en route ? and the dylan album is very funny - why don't the critics get his sense of humour ?

Martin Edmond said...

Perhaps they're too busy looking for significance? my favourite line so far is " ... if indeed there ever was a door ... "

Have read an Ackroyd novel called The Clerkenwell Tales but you're talking perhaps about a different book?