grave, mile & mill stones

The Supply Party, a dj on Southland radio helpfully told me, was published on 9.03.09 which, with the points slightly transposed, could be a palindrome. Zone of the Marvellous, a book of eight linked essays, has been accepted by AUP and, if I can get them a revised ms by the end of this month (Anzac Day?), should come out in September of this year. And I have today finished writing a book on Colin McCahon, called Dark Night: endless yet never. As yet it has no publisher but, well, who can say? I'd like simultaneous NZ and OZ publication ... don't know. It feels strange to have this triumvirate near completion, perhaps I should feel elated rather than ... rather tired. It's been eighteen months of solid writing and now the money, so generously given me to prosecute these enterprises, has almost run out. Guess I will have to do some honest work for a change. Rang my taxi boss the other day, he said, call back in early May. I will. Somehow I feel disinclined towards embarking on any other long prose excursion and, anyway, I don't have the ghost of an idea. Well, maybe a ghost ... the McCahon work above is called Truth from the King Country: load bearing structures and can be found here.


Fresh Local said...

You'll have to get AUP to publish Zone of the Marvellous on the ninth so the launch date could be 9.09.09.

And then adjust the publication dates of your earlier books to fit in with this pattern?

My daughter used The Supply Party as a source for her homework on Australian exploration. One class of Year 3 students in Annandale have now heard of Becker.

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jacky bowring said...

Am very much looking forward to Zone of the Marvellous - so glad to hear it's cooked and on it's way to the table ... and best of luck with McCahon, sounds marvellous too!