Thursday I emailed the two thirds complete screenplay to my collaborator in Hong Kong. She would have read it on the plane back yesterday, or she will be reading it this weekend. And Friday arvo I emailed the more or less revised ms of Fata Morgana to my travelling companion in Auckland ... so that she can see how she appears in it. Now I feel totally (though temporarily) bereft. I feel a bit mad. Like my compass is spinning and True North, or South, was only ever the memory of an illusion. I need a long trip ... perhaps The Bay of Rainbows? To visit Moon Maiden?


Annandale Dream Gazette said...

Hi Martin,

Did you know that the poet Reginald Shepherd has a book of poems called Fata Morgana as well? I haven't read it though.

Martin Edmond said...

No, I didn't know that. My book's about a painter who, on occasion, painted the phenomena. Mirages, I mean.