fons iuuentutis

At the head of this forest is the city of Polumbum; beside it is a mountain from which the city takes its name, for the mountain is called Polumbum; and at the foot of this mountain is a noble and beautiful well, whose water has a sweet taste, as if of different kinds of spices. Each hour of the day the water changes its smell and taste; and whoever drinks three times of that well on an empty stomach will be healed of whatever malady he has; and therefore those who live near that well drink of it very often, and so they are never ill, but always seem young. I, John Mandeville, saw this well, and drank of it three times, and so did all my companions; and since that time I have felt the better and healthier, and I think I shall do until such time as God in his grace causes me to pass out of this mortal life.

from The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, ed. & trans. C W R D Moseley, Penguin Classics, 1983

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