over reading? or reacting ...

I know you're not meant to reply to reviews but, after all, why not? Or, why? I just want to make a few points re: the (otherwise accurate, in matters of fact I mean, not opinion, that's not my business) below: one, I haven't read Aldous Huxley's essays and he's not cited in the book, two, Waimarino County is not to my knowledge full of references to other literary druggies, three, I'd never heard of the de Quincy piece the reviewer says I've imitated, four, my interest in Rimbaud is an interest in his prose, not to his supposed or actual drug experiences, five .... I'm clean! Drug free! Have been for years! If you except an occasional glass or three of red wine, that is. And the odd puff on a joint, if I'm lucky enough to be offered one. Now, where is that church key ...?

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