Then there were all the different ways you could tell someone to shut up. Life was talkative in those pre-TV days, families would gather around the radio after dinner to listen to their favourite serial.

Three I remember with mingled affection & alarm:

Oh, dry up!

Put a sock in it!


(my favourite):

Give it a bone!

... as if the voice were a barking dog, I guess.

& maybe it is.


Bernardus Sylvestris said...

It's not fair.
No, looking outside It's dark.
While doing the dishes, between five children, we had a standard joke that had to be embedded.
Why do you have a banana in your ear?
Sorry I can't hear you, you see I have a banana in my ear.
The joke was always lurking, it was dependent on waiting for the others to have forgotten for a nanosecond, then...

Sorry I can't hear you, you see...

"How much is that doggie?"
on the radio, and radio serials....

Martin Edmond said...

there were so many ... sayings. Another fave: If I never see you again, it'll be too soon.

or this one:

Hey, face-ache!