Pam Brown is generous & perceptive about Luca here.

While over here, Stephen Davenport comments.

As for me, I've been missing this site & feeling like the decision to dedicate it solely to Luca issues was a mistake. I thought that White City might replace it but that place has somehow arrived with a formality that makes it difficult for me to chat there. Although I do like to publish on it from time to time.

... so ... I'm back here in 007, which I'm calling the Secret Agent Year.


chiefbiscuit said...

Yes I am glad you are back here.
I liked the two reviews - altho' take issue with the description of your book as 'purely a book-lovers book'. That's far too limiting. It's more than that. Much more. I trust that will be proved wrong and time will tell otherwise.

Martin Edmond said...

Funny how lots of reviewers pick up quotes from the publicity & drop them into their reviews - that's what's happened here, he just lifted it off the front cover. What kind of book would it be if it was not a book-lover's book, I wonder?

sconzani said...

Love the 007 Secret Agent Year idea ... the year of great gadgets, sexy men and sultry women, and the good guy always winning! I'm all for that. Go Martin!