As if I didn't have enough to distract me, a few weeks ago I went and started another blog. Perhaps because I can foresee a time when I'll either retire Luca Antara or use it only to post material directly related to the book of the same name, which will be out in a couple of month's - three, actually - time. The link's over there on the right, but I might was well put it here as well: White City. There's not much there yet and what there is seems fugitive, a bit mysterious, ontologically imprecise but trying to focus that imprecision, that ontology. We shall see; or we shan't.


chiefbiscuit said...

I did the same ... started up another blog (or two ... ) Sheesh! What am I thinking? I think it's basically public writng practice!

Martin Edmond said...

... or some kind of addiction.