Have finished drafting part two of my book. It's rough as, but I don't yet feel like going back and smoothing things out. I'll let it lie for a bit, let it settle. The first two parts together make up just under 40,000 (15 + 25) words, with an intro of, I think, about eight? or five? Five. Part three ... I need to go to Melbourne for that, just a recce, just to get a feel of some of the locations. And I can't, because of the Commonwealth Games. They start next Wednesday and go until, I think, the following Friday. No way I want to be there then, but post-Games might be good - melancholy, hung-over, quiet. How long is the third part going to be? Wish I knew. Part two is longer than I thought it would be, my feeling at the moment is that I'd like part three to be about the same length as part one. This inane desire for symmetry ... so I'll have to take a break, which bothers me somewhat, even though I've known for a while that this would happen. Long term concentration will not, I hope, be broken as well. It might work out well, I'm waiting for my screenplay to come back from Hong Kong, for Luca to come back from Wellington, both big editing jobs, maybe I can get those two things underway, then go to Melbourne, then come back here and resume ... I know how part three starts, I could even carry on a little bit further next week, just keep on going until the inevitable interruption comes? Shall I?

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