I'm away tomorrow for a couple of months and during that period do not anticipate posting here; I might retire the site altogether. It's been nearly six years and maybe that is long enough. My rule has always been that I only post when I feel like it; and lately I've been feeling like it less and less often. Not sure why, could be the pressure of other commitments, could be something else entirely. While I'm away I expect / hope to get a bit further along with a book that I'm beginning to think of as a sequel to Luca Antara; maybe, if all goes well, I might start a new site that reflects not so much a switch of interests as a development of certain preoccupations in new directions.



Elisabeth said...

I'll miss you Martin. Have a good and productive writing time away. If you do give up this blog, hopefully a new one will evolve.

Whatever happens, I wish you every success. You are such a gifted writer, I'm sure we'll hear more of you if not from you in the future.

Richard said...

Is than an image of section of a metal by an electron scanning microscope?

Re your Blog: do you think it is motivational if people comment a lot - I seem to have more interest or motivation to write if I get more responses? (In fact lately I am not motivated to write much I read more, but I am only dabbler.

Otherwise I just seem to not bother much - but I don't care as if I don't feel like writing (for me it is less and less these days)* I don't do it and - well I don't need an income from it and so on...so I don't really care but I imagine in your case (as you are obviously dedicated to your art etc) it might be disheartening.

I think everyone likes feedback I think it is an interesting site here. You have diverse interests and a wide knowledge. And you are a considerable writer.

Maps was possibly a bit heavy with his review...

Best of luck. Richard.

*In fact I feel that writing is rather futile in my case, as I took up writing too late in life, I seem to have lost motivation and read a lot instead. I also probably don't have much talent in any case. But you clearly do.

Martin Edmond said...

I think it is a fish in mica Richard; but not sure if the fish is really there or just an artefact with an eye.

Adam Aitken said...


No, no, no, you are absolutely forbidden from abandoning this blog.
My life on line will be impoverished, stripped of anticipation of what surprises I will read. I will feel someone has died.

Kay Cooke said...

I've enjoyed stopping by for visits and sampling either the main pieces, or at the very least off-cuts, of your mind and imaginings. Go well, take care and enjoy the writing you are planning to do.