Adam Aitken said...

Good one Martin. My overseas students were generally shocked to see shirtless and shoeless Aussies wearing the present "official" flag, with one Phillipina student telling us that if that happened in her country, the perpetrator would go to jail. i guess the Aussie way is to use the flag as
A: symbol of pride
B: beach towel
C: picnic blanket.

Martin Edmond said...

All I see is Union Jacks everywhere.

Elisabeth said...

Hi Martin, great flag. great symbol.

I've sent a friend over your way and recommend you read her most recent post, too, if you like, if you have time.

It's on this very topic and well worth reading. Gretta Beveridge is a wonderful writer: See: http://dustchange.blogspot.com/2010/01/happy-australia-day.html