The Disappearing M

This review of the book my publishers like to call ZoM appeared before the book is even out - and before I had seen a copy of it. It - the review - popped into my inbox this morning, before I'd had a chance to go down to the local PO to pick up my six author's copies. Looks good ... I already knew, from an email the other day, that an inexplicable error had appeared on page 18; somehow, nobody knows how, the 'm' in Gilgamesh had disappeared. I checked back on the last proof I saw, and the 'm' is there; ditto at the publisher's end; but now it is gone. Here's the sentence: It’s curious too that Gilga(m)esh reaches the Waters of Death by travelling east, towards and then past the place where the sun rises: the Egyptians, the Greeks, and all subsequent major cultures in the Western tradition locate the land of the dead in the other direction, where the sun sets. Actually I quite like the version Gilgaesh; and, inter alia, wonder if in fact the errant 'm' wasn't itself eaten by the waters of death.



Elisabeth said...

What's a lost 'm' among friends? Most will read it as Gilgamesh anyhow, especially if there's a space. But I take it there's none.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Dear artin,

I think you should be getting ore than 6 gratis copies. Try asking for 12 next tie.

Mary McCallum said...

My friend Quentin has or is about to review ZoM here in NZ on National Radio - he's been raving about it. You should be able to catch it online at www.radionz.co.nz

nautilus said...

Congrats on the book and a happy positive review. I have read "The Supply Party" and "Luca Antara" and enjoyed both. Will seek out ZoM in Adelaide. Hope its here!