I was Dad for a week when Issue 1 came out and did not properly engage with it. Was a few days before I learned that my name appears there along with thousands of others. Apart from the frisson of weirdness I felt seeing my veritable handle under words I did not write, and would never have written, I didn't really think anything except that they gave my second cousin Jacob Edmond a better poem and unaccountably missed including his father, cousin Murray. This is 'my' poem:

Palpating commingling

Palpating wool

Of attention
Of fear
Of gloom
Of commingling
Of love

Around the same time, exasperated with my sons' loud wrestling behaviour, I sent them out to run around the block and told them when they came back to write something about what they had seen. The older boy came up with this:

1. old guy farting down the pavement
2. 2 Asian boys laughing while walking down the street
3. tinkerbell seat covers
4. mother scolding 2 kids
5. hobo in an alley with a trolley

and followed it up with this:

Me and a hobo were staring at each other. The mango and the pear were good friends. The cat was in the jukebox. The wave had a waterworks problem. G force stands for George Force.

Wonder if I should contact the editors at forgodot.com re: submissions for Issue 2?


artandmylife said...

Their father's sons?

Matthew said...

I'm in it, too, and I think it will be a good thing for the poetry world.

I love what your older son wrote; kids possess a wonderful uninhibited writing sense we adults too often lack, yes?

Kay said...

This is when I think I am losing the plot - things that make no sense ... but then there are a lot of you Edmonds about !! (for which the world is the better goes without saying!)

Martin Edmond said...

... that's why my kids are Fordes ...