Heard last week that East Street have sold the UK? European? rights to Luca Antara to Oldcastle Books.

They've put this gorgeous new cover on it & dropped the subtitle ... & there's to be a hardcover edition. I've never had a hardcover edition before.

Never had a book published outside the antipodes either.


Adam Aitken said...

Wonderful, good to know the a lot more of the reading world can find Luca. the cover od gorgeous.


Ivy said...

Congratulations, Martin! That's awesome! Yay! :-D

chiefbiscuit said...

All I can say is that it is well-deserved of a book I enjoyed FAR FAR more than Mister Pip.
Congratulations! SO deserved.

Ashley said...

This is very good news to me, living as I do in Oklahoma and unable to get hold of a copy. Maybe it will find its way into North American distribution. And what a lovely new cover.


Rod said...

Congratulations Martin.
LUCA ANTARA deserves a larger reading audience so this is good news.
Lets hope your previous work gets a similar treatment.