For years I've been carrying round in my wallet one of those little slips of paper you get inside fortune cookies:

A scholars ink lasts longer than a martyrs blood, it reads.

Now I've got another one: The pen is mightier than the (s)word.


Therese Lloyd said...

My talisman was a bus ticket. It was pink with a serial number that added up to 21 (significant at the time). It sat peacefully in wallet for years and never once got thrown out mistakenly as an old receipt or random note. When I eventually lost my wallet somehow, I remember mourning the loss of that bus ticket more than anything else.

Therese L.

Martin Edmond said...

hello Therese ... are you somewhere in snowy Iowa? I used to keep a 'lucky' shilling in my wallet, minted the year I was born ... then one day someone spent it.

Adam Aitken said...

Cambodian Proverbs

The basket can never conceal the elephant indefinitely.


Real gold is not afraid of the fire.


Revolutionaries must be extracted from the earth like diamonds.