day off blues

Adrenaline hangover. Have to make a call but feel disinclined to do so - yet. I decide to drive over to Newtown for cigarettes. The outlets that sell Gadung Garam in the strength I like have narrowed down to three that I know of, two in the City, and this one. Philip's looking for his cat so I tell him she's round at the door of my building. Bitch, he says when I say I spoke to her but she turned her back on me. He goes off rubbing his neuralgic face. In Salisbury Road, some guys (have to be guys .... ) in a hotted up black car are throwing something out the window. As I come up to the corner of Australia Street, I see a brown ovoid arc from the passenger side over the roof towards three girls walking down the footpath. There's a splat!, barely heard. Eggs, then. One of the girls has suffered a direct hit, there's goo all over her face, her bare shoulder, down her arm. O my God ... ! she shouts, seeming more excited than upset. I want to take the number of the black car but it's way down the street now and I'm not going that way, I'm turning. Outside the Courthouse Hotel, a skinny guy in denims and hat is walking his ferret on a lead. The ferret, all ginger and black, hunches its back as it hops along beside him. A woman parked in a no stopping zone opposite the police station runs to her car and climbs in the driver's seat, hardly waiting for her young son to get in the other side. She gives me a getaway grin as she pulls out. I cross two sets of lights, buy my smokes, stroll down King Street a ways, pulling the cellophane from the pack. Two drunks outside the railway station sardonically kitchy-koo a baby in a stroller. The mother ignores them. I cross two more sets of lights. 3000 men from Newtown fought in the Great War says a plaque set in the pavement where I stop to light my cigarette. The hoped-for headspin doesn't come. I must be more addicted than I think. It's hot and I feel lazy and stupid as I wander back to the car. When I come home again, I make the call. Tonight we'll be watching horror movies at six because my friend says she'll be scared afterwards if we do it later. I put Modern Times on the stereo and come through here to write this. The way Bob sings In this earthly domain / Full of disappointment and pain / You'll never see me frown ... almost makes me cry. Yesterday it did but today the memory of those tears makes it impossible to shed them again. Lunchtime already. I have no idea what I want ... unless it's hard boiled eggs.


Anonymous said...

Somewhat proud of myself, been off the blog, sounds like been of the grog, which I also am, and smokes. How do I feel about reading about trips to buy smokes, mmmh.

I think the whole post, is crazy "Times Squarish Sydney" that you had missed? in NZ.

Glad to see your photographs, I did my family in Perth earlier. A certain poignancy to thse meetings as you age.
I have a new blog Maelstrom, using beta-blogger, I wanted to host on their site

Ha! just received your comment on my new site
I had changed the set up, so as to receive notification of comments within the last half hour.

I was checking Burke and Wills Nolan as I received this.
I will just send this.

Martin Edmond said...

I didn't miss Sydney at all but did notice the different ambience when I came back. Perhaps cab driving sharpens observational skills the way cigarettes keep you (= me) awake enough to do it.

Ivy said...

Thhis is a great post! :-) I'm heading there soon for a week!

Ivy said...

Oops, sorry for the spelling mistake on my first word... Must've been too excited. :-)

Martin Edmond said...

thanx Ivy - you coming to Sydney? do you have time to meet for a coffee or some such?

Ivy said...

Hi Edmond, a coffee would be good! Drop a comment at my place with your email [which I can erase later on at your request] if you like and I'll give you a shout.

Sorry for the delayed response...