a small essay

Have been looking at Sidney Nolan:

who said that without Ern Malley:

there would have been no Ned Kelly:

but before Ned there was:

Catani Gardens.

(all paintings by Sidney Nolan: Self Portrait, 1943; Ern Malley, 1974; Ned Kelly, 1946; Catani Gardens, 1945)


slave2love said...

Sidney Nolan is one of my favourite painters - I especially love the 'Bourke & Wills' series, but the Kelly group that hangs in Canberra are mindblowing too.
I read a funny story last year in a book on Sidney Nolan - He and Arthur Boyd had set up a plein-air bivouac overlooking the Shoalhaven at Bundanon; they had a bit of an awning and various gear, and would just leave it all there overnight since they were out in the sticks. One morning they returned to find all their gear had been pinched - except for their paintings!

Martin Edmond said...

Burke & Wills Leaving Melbourne is an amazing painting. I've got a book of the Canberra Neds, in it is this story: They were once joined together (Burning at Glenrowan and Siege at Glenrowan) but late one night Jack Bellew said, Look, Sid, that painting is too bloody big, cut it in two ... to prove it was not too big I cut it in two ... and looked at them separated and together and they looked better together. Unfortunately I parted them forever ... you see I come from a long line of Irishmen.