The Fitzgerald

Dave Harding, our bass player, was down in Baja, Mexico and he met this guy from Wyoming, an expatriate of sorts, a guy who had found a large bail of cocaine and hid it out in the desert. He and Dave became friends, his name was Richmond Fontaine. Then Dave went over to his place one night and the man was gone. All his stuff still there, but no one saw him again. No one knew anything ... more


michaelpsteven said...

Hi Martin,

Thanks for this informative link.

I had no idea Richmond Fontaine was the name of a person; I thought maybe a bar, or trailer-park. Interesting.

Yes, I'm also a Calexico fan--Black Light being my favourite album. They released an EP, last year, a collaboration with a Florida-based singer/songwriter, who records under the monniker Iron & Wine.

Anyhow,it's called 'In The Reins', and I think, if you have not already heard it, you may enjoy it.

Martin Edmond said...

yeah, I've got In The Reins - thanx anyway.