some words

... that W. H. Auden used in poems :

blouts, pirries, stolchy, glunch, sloomy, snudge, snoachy, scaddle, cagmag, hoasting, drumbles ...

(he used to scour the OED for curiosities then find a way to fit them in; but what do they mean?)


sakhalin jim said...

to blout is to speak copiously with a tongue thickened by alcohol;

pirries are malevolent dwarves;

stolchy is the emotional state of one who has blouted too much the night before;

a glunch is a person with a spine deformed by peering into windows at night;

sloomy means moon-shadowed;

to snudge is to reveal that which you promised never to divulge;

snoachy is used to describe one who spends too much time in furtive pursuits;

a scaddle is a ladle with the base worn away from being left in the soup pot

a cagmag is a woman with snaggle-teeth and not much hair on her head

hoasting is the act of composing clerihews while hanging upside down

to drumble is to walk with a lurch

~River~ said...

I think I'll write one now with all these words in one poem!

Thanks, sakhalin jim. That was useful.

Martin Edmond said...

hey, ~river~, I'd check an OED if you have access to one ... suspect Sakhalin Jim is having fun with us ... are you Jim?

sakhalin jim said...


~River~ said...

Oh momma! ~:D

But I think I'll still write one with Jim's meanings. That should be even mmm...funner!!!!