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Oxyrhynchus is named after the fish that ate the penis of Osiris.

Epitaph for the SoQ

When Robert Lowell … was found dead in the back of a Manhattan taxi in 1977, his fingers were clutching a parcel containing a Lucian Freud painting. It was a portrait of Lowell's wife, and Freud's former wife, Caroline Blackwood. That afternoon, Lowell's heart had given out while being driven along the Van Wyck Expressway from JFK. He had just flown from Dublin after himself splitting up with Blackwood, a woman by then ravaged by years of booze, chain-smoking and personal tragedy. Lowell had brought the painting of his wife to New York not for reasons of nostalgia, but for valuation.

John Cornwell. TimesOnline, May 22, 2005


mark young said...

a cod job or a hake crime?

Martin Edmond said...

... a carpe diem?